Frequently Asked Questions

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Resort academy is an online travel agent training platform designed to reward travel agent's to improve their knowledge. It;s owned by Group Promotions, a hotel marketing company.

Your booking will have any of the following status:


Declined: your booking has been declined.

Awaiting Approval: Once the client has travelled, the booking status will change to approved.

Approved: Your booking has been verifyed, you have been awarded the associated prize.

Claimed: You have claimed your prize for the booking.



Agents can only redeem up to 4 free nights at any one hotel, the remaining 3 free nights must be used at a sister property.


HOWEVER, agents can choose  to pay agent rates and extend their first stay. As such, agents can combine 4 free nights with 3 nights at agent rates and stay one week at their desired property. Remaining free nights can then be used at a sister hotel.